Podcast: Episode 523, The Kids of Harvesting Nature

If you have kids who hunt or want to hunt then listen to this episode. Justin and Kory chat with their daughters, Zoe and Eva, each 10 years old. They discuss how they each began hunting, tips for getting kids started, bad things from hunting, processing game, knife safety, favorite meals, youth hunting programs, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

The kids of Harvesting Nature

Why they like to go hunting

The sometimes bad things about hunting

Zoe Hunting the jack Rabbit

Eva tracking a deer

Squirrel Hunting with the kids

Hunting squirrels in the snow

Processing game with the kids

Kids kevlar cutting gloves

Using a fillet knife

The eagle claw

Opinel Le Petit Chef Knife Set

Favorite cuts of meat for the kids

Wild Pig Ham

Venison Maple sausage

Fish tacos

Venison corn dogs

Venison shells and cheese

Lobster mac and cheese

Throwing out perfectly good lobster

Burgers, pizza, tacos, spaghetti, and sushi

Chipotle BBQ Squirrel Dip

Mentored youth hunters program 

Zoe Duck hunting in Colorado

Eva deer hunting in PA

Finding that fine line when hunting with kids

bring snacks

finding ways to occupy the slow times

Let’s Make a Meal!!!!

Beer Braised Goose Legs on Egg Noodles with Red Cabbage

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