Boar Pastor

When it’s al pastor time and you don’t have a shawarma spit, it’s time to break out the reliable pellet grill. Now if the word al pastor is new to you then I’m sorry you’ve missed out for so long. But we are about to change your life.
al pastor is marinated pork cooked to perfection on a shawarma spit, or vertical rotisserie. In Harvesting Nature fashion this Mexican Lebanese fusion dish got reinvented with some boar meat and some smoke.

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Swiss Chard Wrapped Grouper

Fresh ingredients is the key to any good meal. As hunters, anglers and gardeners we might have the best access to the freshest most natural ingredients. These fresh ingredients when paired together don’t need a ton seasoning. Sometimes it’s best to just let the freshness shine with a little salt and pepper. Our planter box has been growing like crazy and our Swiss chard has been one of the highlights. I wanted to do something fun and different that I haven’t really seen before. So, I decided to wrapped some fish in out badass chard, braise it, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. This dish doesn’t take too long to prep and is bursting with color and flavor, not to mention it’s extremely healthy. Who said healthy food has to be boring?

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Canada Goose Thai Red Curry

There is great debate around exactly “how much” of a goose people should be eating. There are purists who absolutely refuse to do anything other than pluck whole birds, but I only do that the plumpest late-season geese that have been feeding on corn and grain for weeks. “Breasting out” a goose is exactly that, and every bird we shoot gets at least that treatment, with the meat either going into a grind pile, or my personal preference, serving as a substitute in almost any dish that calls for beef. There are those that pluck the livers and hearts, and I thoroughly enjoy grilled goose hearts.

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Offal Dirty Rice

I like when I can figure out how to take a maligned category of game meat and turn it into something presentable that even a picky eater might enjoy. So, when I shot my first buffleheads last season, I was immediately thinking of things to try. Many people turn their noses up at both divers and offal and that is a shame. Those people are wrong and should be shown the error of their ways. A little prep and you can make a side or an appetizer that is likely to appease anybody.

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Venison Turkish Manti

Manti are meat-filled dumplings found in Turkey and throughout central Asia. The Turkish variety are usually made very small, in fact, newly-wed brides are judged by their mother-in-laws by how expertly small they can make their manti. Fitting 40 manti onto one spoon will ensure a blessing from the mother-in-law!
Traditionally manti are stuffed with a lamb filling, but I used ground venison, which tastes excellent in this preparation. The boiled dumplings get smothered in two delicious sauces, one yogurt-based, and one butter-based, and are so delicious, you won’t be able to stop eating them. This recipe will make 40-60 manti, though only one or two will fit on a spoon at a time!

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