Smoked Wood Duck with Peach Jalapeño Chutney

Wood ducks are not only admired for their colors and beauty, but they are also one of the best tasting waterfowl. I love eating ducks as much as I love hunting them. My typical go to recipes includes either gumbo or seared blackened duck, but I wanted to add some smoke flavor to these delicious little birds and any fruity/tangy chutney always compliments the flavor of duck.

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“Ganso Deshebrado” (Shredded Goose)

This recipe combines two of the things that I love most, waterfowl hunting and Mexican style cuisine. For many, waterfowl season is upon us and this Ganso Deshebrado or Shredded Goose recipe is the perfect way to serve up a hard earned day in the goose (or duck) blind.

This meal also lends well to the hunt camp and/or active hunter as your can dress your birds from a morning hunt, prepare your recipe and start it in the slow cooker before lunch and by the time you get home from an afternoon hunt or and evening of scouting your dish is already prepared and you can relax and enjoy a nice warm meal.

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Dove and Cream Sauce

This is a simple skillet dish with a cream sauce that tastes like a professional made it. I hate to toot my own horn but I even surprised myself on how good this turned out. I can guarantee the whole family will love it. I swapped the usual chicken with some dove that I got from my first dove hunt recently. The hunt was as fast paste as this restaurant quality meal was to make!

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On Cooking Ducks and Geese

As I peruse social media hunting groups and online threads, I continually see a constant stream of confusion, misrepresentation, and disinformation about cooking wild ducks and geese. Every thread or comment section looks a little like this:

geese are gamey; ducks are greasy; just throw it all in a crockpot; they’re too tough; tastes like liver; aren’t worth eating; carp of the sky; best roasted whole; turn it all into jerky; just leave ‘em in the field; pukey face emoji; cover them with salt and pepper, cook on high, put on a plate, garnish with parsley, dump it into the garbage, and eat the plate.

Most of these comments are patently false or misleading, and I’d die a happy man if I never heard that lame, unoriginal joke at the end there ever again.

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Jackalope Wellington

The idea for this recipe has been rolling around in my head for two years. It’s most prevalent during the 9 hour drive from my home in Fargo, North Dakota to my favorite antelope hunting spot on public land in Wyoming. So when a friend called me last week, offering two rabbits he had snared, I ran to my freezer, and pulled out one of the remaining packages of antelope backstrap I have been saving for a special occasion.

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BBQ Smoked Venison

Barbeque season is in full swing, this is a perfect recipe to turn that big game roast you just found in the bottom of your freezer into some delicious BBQ sandwiches. This recipe is very simple but does require brining the roast for 2-3 days before placing it in the smoker. After smoking, I like to cut the roast into thin slices and pile the meat on a brioche bun with some fresh homemade pickles and a light drizzle of good BBQ sauce.

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Fried Venison Shepherd’s Pie Boulettes

Shepherd’s pie originated in the mid-1800s. In its original form, it consists of a red meat cooked in a gravy topped off with mashed potatoes and baked to form somewhat of a casserole. My version utilized ground venison stuffed into a mashed potato “ball” and fried to a golden brown. The ingredients are easy enough, the process is the tricky part. Regardless, this ultra-comfort food is not only unique but extremely satisfying.

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Elk Eggplant Kebab

Sometimes finding new fun recipes to use all your grind meat in can be difficult. Most of the time you make burgers, meatloaf or meat balls. This recipe combines the best of meatballs and kebabs all in one and can be prepped ahead of time so you can just pop it in the oven and dinner will be ready in no time. If you don’t want to use the grill to put a char on these kebabs you can also pop them under the broiler first then turn the oven down and finish them off.

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