Women’s Profile: Karen Wilcox

Karen Wilcox did not grow up athletic. She was not interested in sports, did not feel competitive and hated gym class. But now about nine years into bowhunting and target shooting, this self-declared “tomboy chubby kid” has found her groove.
Wilcox frequently competes in 3d archery shoots and travels around the Northeast for bowhunting trips.
“Archery has opened a whole new world to me,” Wilcox said. “I didn’t even realize that it was such a huge thing, especially in this area.”

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The 3 Books That Convinced Me to Start Hunting

Hunting doesn’t run in my family. In my late 20’s, even though I lived in Michigan at the time, I still didn’t have any friends that hunted. That means there was nobody to convince me to give it a try. No one was there to talk me into or bring me along just to watch. Nobody offered me a meal from an animal they had killed, so I had no real reason to start hunting. Except a little urge inside of me that wouldn’t go away.

I ventured over to the local library. I read and listened to a few books about hunting, eating wild food, the health benefits of wild game, and the adventure that comes along with it all. After just a few short books, I was convinced hunting was for me. After all, my last name means hunter in German. I guess I was born for this. Here are the three books I read that convinced me to give in and give hunting a try, that took me from oblivious to first my kill in about 5 months (small game, but still game).

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1.makeavailable for use; supply.”theseclubs provide a much appreciated service for this area”
2.makeadequate preparation for (a possible event).”newqualifications must provide for changes in technology”

Providing does not stop atmoney or in reference to us as hunters, hunting. What about themajority of our time being spent at home rather than in the mountainsor backcountry. When we get home let’s consider our options forproviding for our family and friends.

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Women’s Profile: Carmel Lehr – A Lifetime of Adventure

Early in their marriage, she and Jim would take trips to Pulaski with a friend and her husband to fish for salmon. She said at that time, she did not have the proper equipment, but she didn’t let that stop her.
“We were the only two women on that river and we were looked down upon badly,” she said. “Now there are women all over the river. I kind of hope that in some minuscule way that maybe I’ve helped pave the way for other women so that they don’t get treated like that.”

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Always Be Scouting: On Accidentally Finding New Hunting Spots

I wasn’t hunting. Nor was I scouting. But I came away with a few new spots to hunt next season. These are the perks of having other outdoor hobbies that just so happen to take place on the same land you can hunt.

So instead of taking the time out of my week to go “look for sign,” I just went camping, biking, hiking, paddling, and fishing and stumbled upon more sign than I probably would’ve if I were just focused on scouting.

And while it doesn’t paint a complete picture of an area in regards to the animals I hope to find, it definitely gives me a starting point. And the best part is? I’m having a ton of fun doing it.

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