Gobblers and Garbage

Access to public land and public water is the lifeblood allowing many sportsmen and women to engage in their avocations of choice. While public land is vital to providing habitat for countless species of plants and animals, it also provides the space and environment for outdoor enthusiasts to recreate in a natural setting. Whether it be in pursuit of wild game for the dinner table, a short trail ride to clear the mind, or camping trip with family, access to public land is the key to enjoyment.

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Classic English Side by Sides Part One

I love old guns. I grew up admiring my great-grandfather’s Parker Trojan 16 gauge. My father had hunted with it in his youth but retired it for safety reasons long before I came along. After spending the last three years socking money away to go on our first hunt in Africa, the borders closed and we had some wiggle room in our budgets. Soon, I found myself scouring the Internet for a classic double gun. My father was the one who originally pulled me onto this train, and we were drawn specifically to English guns.

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Are Whitetails Influenced By Moon Phase? The Answer May Surprise You

Every year many whitetail hunters head into the woods based on moon phase. The thinking goes, whitetails go nocturnal when the moon is full and are therefore much less active during the day. Inversely, they are more active when the moon is less full. The logic behind this is that whitetails’ behavior changes since it’s brighter out at night during a full moon and therefore easier and safer for them to move around at night. Following this logic, one thing a hunter can do to improve their success is to plan hunts around a new moon since deer will be more active during the day and stay home during a full moon because they are less likely to be active during the day.

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Texas Winter Storm: The Aftermath on Wildlife

Winter came at full force mid February in Texas. Winter storm “Uri” set record low subfreezing temperatures through out the Lone Star State shutting down almost the entire state, closing business, parks, and roadways. Many Texans were left days without power resulting in residents loss of food as well as local grocery stores being forced to seize all sales of frozen and dairy goods due to lack of storage temperature. Not only did the winter storm leave many Texans without resources, it also made a devastating impact on local wildlife.

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Waste Not Want Not

This season I set out on my very first Fallow deer, also known as Piebald deer, hunt in the woods of Oklahoma. Fallow deer are an unusually beautiful invasive species that in a lot of places don’t require tags to hunt. I had seen only one in the wild before and that is what spiked my curiosity.

After setting out to learn more about this unique species, I found out that Fallow deer are of Eurasian decent however, they are on most continents. These magnificent creatures have four color patterns; light brown with white spots, dark brown with spots, solid dark brown and pure white.

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How to Start Hunting in Your Thirties Even If You’ve Never Touched a Gun Before

Growing up in the suburbs of Southern California, I was never exposed to hunting. It wasn’t until my 20’s when I moved to Michigan, where everyone and their mom hunts, that I ever considered it might be a fun thing to do. I decided I would absolutely go hunting if I was invited by someone who knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, 6 years went by, and nobody invited me.

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The Successful Outdoorsman

No matter what type of hunting or fishing you do, it all starts the same, with that alarm clock sounding off early in the morning. Followed with the same two conversations in your head; wondering if you should take up another hobby that lets you sleep in or the other side that’s filled with pure excitement and determination, that 10 times out of 10, wins the conversation.

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