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  • Glad to have found your blog. We moved up to Alaska (from California) four years ago. I (Jack) grew up in western Pennsylvania; Barbra grew up in New York and California. We are both into harvesting as much as we can. Our work schedules conflict with hunting, but we catch a lot of high-quality fish which we gift to hunters and often receive gifts back in the form of caribou, elk, deer, grouse, black bear and even whale. Love all of it. Plus we pick a lot of wild berries and other edible plans. Anyway, great looking blog and we’ll be following and checking in.

    • James T Severson

      I have a question for Gunnar Emberg. In the March 8, 2024 edition of Wisconsin Outdoor News, Gunnar shared a recipe for Rosemary Ranch Wild Turkey. The ingredients call for 1 cup of Hidden Valley Ranch (or other good quality Ranch). My question is if this is the ranch out of the bottle, of a powdered ranch. I believe ranch can be made from powder from some brands. Hopefully that makes sense.


      Jim Severson
      (608) 469-1379

      • Sorry to take so long to get to this message! The recipe is for 1 cup of liquid ranch, though you could use the powder mixed with water to replace the liquid ranch dressing as well.


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