Billionaire Stan Kroenke Wins Legal Battle, Killing Public Access to Stoney and Minnie Lake

Residents of British Columbia recently lost access to prime fishing spots Stoney Lake and Minnie Lake to non-resident sports mogul Stan Kroenke. Kroenke is the husband to Walmart heiress, Anne Walton, owner of the LA Rams, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, who currently owns more than two million acres of land, is also part owner of the on-demand outdoor streaming service, MyOutdoorTV.

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Protect the Point Washington State Forest and WMA

If the sanctity of Point Washington as a state forest and wildlife management area can be stripped for the convenience of future development, what is to stop the development of all of Florida’s wild places? This matter is about more than a single road through one forest, the construction of this road will establish and further a precedent that Florida’s wild places are of mere inconvenience.

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Bill That Would Make Trapping, Fly Tying Materials, Illegal Introduced in Oregon

House Bill 2676 was introduced by Sponsors Rep. Robert Nosse, Rep. Ken Helm, Rep. Khanh Pham, Rep. Sheri Malstrom Schouten. The bill, “Prohibits sale, offer for sale, display for sale, trade or other distribution for consideration of fur product in State of Oregon. Prohibits sale, offer for sale, display for sale, trade or other distribution for consideration of fur product in State of Oregon.”

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Because a River Runs Through It: Grassy Mountain Coal Mine Threatens Alberta Fisheries

As you make your way west off the highway toward the Rocky Mountains on a dusty, well used road, the towering escarpment and near vertical rock faces look impenetrable to the naked eye. A seemingly gapless expanse of granite nears closer through the windshield with every bump in the dirt. You wind your way through a group of trees, temporarily blocking your view of the mountainside ahead and the road becomes rockier as you round the final bend. Suddenly, almost without warning, you find yourself running parallel with the pristine, jaw-dropping beauty of a wild, mountain stream, carving its way through the canyon of rock in the same path it has for millennia. This is the Oldman River.

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