• New Venison Taco Apparel!
    It’s okay to wear your food! We just released three venison taco inspired products in our store. If you love deer tacos as much as we do then you will absolutely have to have these awesome pieces of merch.
  • Our First Western Tour: Preparations
    As a carefree, young, healthy college student, the first round of stay-at-home orders issued during the COVID-19 pandemic meant fewer responsibilities and less work. No longer shackled to the office cubicles where we normally carried out the duties of wildlife research assistants, my roommates and I rejoiced in the freedom, its unexpected rush into our little world. A leisurely “15 days to flatten the curve” sounded ideal. The added flexibility in our schedules meant plenty of time to catch up on sleep and binge-watch the latest Netflix series.
  • The Planning Season
    A few years back, a friend jokingly prodded me about the obsessive nature of my love for upland bird hunting. Because “hunting season only lasts 6 months” he said I would “be deprived of happiness during the off-season”, half of my life. It is true that nothing brings greater joy to my life than watching my dogs do what they were born and bred to do. A motionless point, contrasting our fast-paced world, immersed within the beauty of some forgotten western landscape, like a piece of framed artwork, is an irrefutable breathtaking scene. In my opinion, the experiences collected during the hunting season are worth a few months of insipid living.
  • Scratching the California Quail Itch
    This past winter I had the opportunity to travel to coastal Oregon where I stayed with a good friend and hunted birds for 10 days. During this week and a
  • Trophies and Why We Hunt
    Everyone has their own reasons why they hunt. A person’s decision to go afield is a very personal one and if you surveyed 100 hunters on why they hunt, you’d get at least 120 answers. But we try to put ourselves into neat little boxes at the expense of others. Read any post about hunting in Africa and the “I’m a hunter but” comments won’t take long to find. Big game hunting with dogs is another huge divider amongst us and the anti-hunters know it. Just look at the most recent bills around the country trying to ban predator hunting and the use of dogs.


  • New Fish Taco Apparel!
    It’s okay to wear your food! We just released three wild fish inspired products in our store. If you love fish tacos as much as we do then you will absolutely have to have these awesome pieces of merch.
  • Harvesting Nature Magazine is Live!
    inaugural issue of our electronic and print-on-demand magazine! We want to celebrate spring with delicious wild recipes and awesome adventure stories. This issue covers bird hunting, fly fishing, American shad, pheasant pasta, Florida turkey hunting, spring bear basics, foraging tips, and so much more!
  • 12 Holiday Gifts for Every Hunter, Angler and Forager
    Order your favorite hunter or angler the one gift that will change their seasons forever. We put together this awesome gift guide. All of these products have been field tested and have changed the way we hunted, fished, foraged or cooked over the past year. 
  • Looking Back on Summer Fly Fishing
    8:45 PM. The pond is the color of fresh cantaloupe, with crimson neon-edged clouds low in the western sky. The light is fading, but it’s as if the sun were captured in the water, its surface glowing like last night’s embers. The smell of fireworks hangs in the air, and a blue haze wafts lazily over the black treetops. As it darkens, the blooming bursts of fireworks can be seen through the wooded county properties, accompanied by enthusiastic hollers. I pull on my boots, grab my 6-weight fly rod, and hoof it as fast as I can to everyone’s favorite brushy corner spot. I tie on a tiny brown dry fly, mimicking the flying insects hovering around my face, reading the water with my eyes and hands. Amidst the tall reeds and slimy rocks, I roll cast next to a stump sticking out of the water, letting the fly drift lazily in the current, and a bluegill hits it like shotgun recoil. I admire its metallic rainbow colors, fine size, and dense little tank of a body. When I release it into the brown, mucky shallows, it takes off with a splash of the tail that sprays me in the face with water – such attitude!
  • Chasing Cats
    While I had a conventional introduction to hunting and fishing in my younger years, it wasn’t until the last three or four years that my interest, involvement, and identification with hunting really took shape. I’ve also begun to learn that this relationship with the outdoors will likely always be evolving and adapting and that an individual’s hunting or fishing “ethos” is perhaps one of the most personal things; built and shaped by one’s experiences, mixed with opinions and localized social norms, and perhaps more contentious than even politics.


  • New Venison Taco Apparel!
    It’s okay to wear your food! We just released three venison taco inspired products in our store. If you love deer tacos as much as we do then you will absolutely have to have these awesome pieces of merch.
  • Florida Panther Predation Explains White-tailed Deer Decline
    The Florida Panther (Puma concolor coryi) was first considered a subspecies of the North American cougar in the late 19th Century, but a reclassification in 2005 lumped the Florida panther back in with the North American population (Puma concolor couguar)1. Nevertheless, the Florida cougars are the last remaining in the eastern United States and are still referred to as the Florida panther.
  • A New Day for Grasslands Conservation
    The early golden hour bathed the landscape in a peachy hue as the setters and I stood by the truck. It was somewhere around day number 200 that I had set foot on the grasslands between Waitsburg, WA and Minnesota since 2011. This day, we would embark on the Sheyenne National Grasslands in North Dakota. Sharp-tailed grouse were beginning to stir Somewhere in the expanse before us.
  • Harvesting Nature Magazine, Summer 2022
    Our summer issue is here! This one has nearly 60 pages of real adventures, done by real people, harvesting real food. This magazine is fully interactive with clickable links, ads, writer bios, etc. You won’t want to miss it!
  • Snowshoe Hare Extirpation Shifts Predation to Porcupines
    The snowshoe hare is a widespread North American hare species that inhabits northern boreal and upper montane forests. Their “snowshoe” namesake come from having very large hind feet that have adapted to prevent them from sinking into the deep snow of their preferred habitats. Snowshoe hares rely on dense shrub understory for food and cover, and they serve as a keystone prey item for Canada lynx.

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