• Podcast Episode 187: Come Hunt, Cook, and Eat Wild Pigs with us in Texas
    In this episode, the Harvesting Nature crew and camp guests discuss their May 2022 wild pig hunting skills camp in Texas. They highlight the activities and lessons learned during the camp, including shooting, ballistics, cooking, and butchering.
  • Justin Talks Wild Game Cooking on the Oklahoma Outdoor Podcast
    Justin Townsend, founder of Harvesting Nature and host of the Wild Fish and Game Podcast, recently joined John Hudspeth on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast for an exciting and informative episode dedicated to wild game cooking.
  • 20 Killer Sauces to Elevate Your Wild Game Cooking
    Elevate your wild game with these global flavors and transform your wild meals into noteworthy meals. Discover 20 flavorful wild game sauces to complement the natural taste of game. From the classic Red Wine Reduction to exotic Jamaican Jerk Sauce the sauces will make you smile.
  • Why do Turkeys have Beards and Why do Hunters Love Them?
    The turkey beard is a curious aspect of anatomy. What is the purpose of the beard? You can’t eat them but why do hunters look to them to judge success?
  • New Product: Catching a Turkey Dinner T-Shirt
    Introducing our exclusive “Catching a Turkey Dinner” triblend shirt, perfect for turkey hunters who embrace adventure and humor in their wardrobe. No matter spring or fall, we can be found in the wild wrangling gobblers to get back home in time for dinner.


  • Your Guide to Eating Invasives: European Green Crab Stock
    European green crabs are a concerning invasive species in many places, including Field Staff Writer Alanna Kieffer’s home of Oregon. Instead of tossing these crabs out for the birds, she makes a delicious broth with them!
  • Rockfish Tacos – Fishing for Bottomfish
    When Field Staff Writer Jordan Rash got a call from his buddy to go bottom-fishing in the Pacific, he knew that a promise of rockfish tacos upon his return would allow him to spend time away from the family without issue!
  • When $%&! Goes Wrong: Falling Through the Ice
    Our adventures to procure wild food, whether through hunting, fishing, or foraging, can bring us into some extreme situations and sometimes, despite our best efforts, $%&! can go wrong. In this series, we’re going to talk about different adverse situations you may find yourself in and the best ways to deal with them. This month, we’re talking about falling through the ice.
  • How to Start Ice Fishing
    Field Staff Writer Brad Trumbo offers this guide for those who want to get out and try ice fishing for the first time, or for those who want to have better ice fishing success!
  • Kokanee Fishing in California
    With summertime winding down, one of Field Staff Writer Tera Stoddard’s favorite things to do is to head out to a cold water lake in California and do some kokanee fishing. In this informative essay, she shares some interesting facts about Californian kokanee, and her family’s favorite recipe for them!


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