• Come Hunt Ducks in Oklahoma with Us
    Have you ever wanted to get into waterfowl hunting or grow your existing waterfowl hunting skills? We are partnering with G&H Decoys to host our first-ever Oklahoma Waterfowl Camp this coming January!
  • Black Bear Hunting Shirts
    No matter if you hunt spring bears or fall bears, this t-shirt is perfect for any hunting enthusiast who wants to show off their love for delicious bear meat!
  • Hunting Woodcock with Dogs
    Despite the pouring rain, Field Staff Writer Trey Johnson, and his English Setters Ruby and Pearl, set out down an old logging road to find that most elusive of upland birds: the American woodcock.
  • New Products: Mule Deer Merchandise
    Mule Deer are a testament to the amazing diversity and adaptability of wildlife in North America. Show your love for these tasty and fascinating animals with our new shirts and stickers today!
  • New Products: Elk Merchandise
    Fall is in the air and the bugles are soon to be echoing through the dark timber. What better time to check out four of our newest elk-themed items to hit the store. These are a limited run and will disappear as quickly as that spooked bull last fall.


  • Kokanee Fishing in California
    With summertime winding down, one of Field Staff Writer Tera Stoddard’s favorite things to do is to head out to a cold water lake in California and do some kokanee fishing. In this informative essay, she shares some interesting facts about Californian kokanee, and her family’s favorite recipe for them!
  • Fishing for Trout in Yellowstone
    In this essay, Field Staff Writer A.J. Fick discusses the ongoing war on lake trout in Yellowstone Lake, which he visited with his family on a recent fishing trip and asks the question: what role do invasive species play in their inherited ecosystems and in our hunting/angling culture?
  • Fishing with Baby on Board
    Having a baby in a particularly cold and snowy winter was difficult for Field Staff Writer Cayla Bendel, so when summer fishing season finally showed up, she was determined to get out there and enjoy it!
  • When Worlds Collide
    Field Staff Writer Heidi Chaya writes about those magical moments when worlds collide between the hunter/angler and the prey that they seek.
  • Buying Outdoors Gear on a Budget
    Gearing up for a life of hunting and fishing can be very expensive… but it doesn’t have to be! Field Staff Writer Heidi Chaya walks us through how to buy outdoors gear on a budget.


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