Wild Food Skills Camps

Join us on our next adventure. We want to invite you to come along for the adventure. At each camp, we will teach you how to shoot, hunt, butcher, package, and cook various types of wild game all in one extended weekend. 

Camp Schedule:

December 2024 Wild Pig Hunting Culinary Camp

Location: North Texas

When: 05-08 Dec 2024

$1750 per person

Come help eliminate some invasive species and take home some delicious meat. At the end of the camp, you will walk away with the skills to hunt, shoot, process, store, and cook your wild game. These skills easily translate over into any other wild game you would decide to hunt in the future. 

Feb 2025 Snow Goose Hunting Culinary Camp

Location: NW Missouri

When: 20-23 February 2025

Cost: $1750.00 per person

Have you ever seen pictures of those giant flocks of snow geese and wanted to hunt them to help reduce numbers? Do you want to enjoy the tasty results of that hunt in the form of fresh wild game going into your freezer? Missouri’s Light Goose Conservation Season removes daily limits, eliminates the need for shotgun plugs, and reduces license prices. You can fill your freezer while helping with conservation efforts across North America.

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