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When I started my YouTube channel, Outside the Levees, last November I knew that I had easy access to film amazing hunting and fishing right here where I live in Coastal Louisiana. But I also knew that in order for my channel to find a broader audience, I’d have to branch out at some point. The two places at the top of my list were Florida and Texas. Both of these states have a great variety of hunting and fishing and the sportsman and women population to match. I was able to hit Florida early on and came home with a cool duck hunting video. For Texas, I needed a solid connection there and that’s where my Instagram buddy Chef Jon White came in.

Jon is a dude I follow on Instagram because he kills a lot of hogs and cooks a lot of good food. What else is there to want? I pitched him the idea of filming some Texas hunts and he was all game. The idea was to start with turkeys and then move on to Axis deer. We would use the nights to hunt hogs with thermal vision scopes.

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To start the hunt, Jon set us up at a beautiful lodge in Glen Rose, Texas . I’d focus primarily on turkeys here. We got on some birds early in the trip and even had an opportunity to shoot some jakes. I passed on the jakes, hoping for a more mature bird. It never happened and howling winds dominated the rest of our turkey hunt.

When we left Glen Rose we headed South to Blanco, TX for Axis deer. The place we hunted had corn feeders set up. As much as I wanted to spot and stalk, we sat a feeder the first evening. That’s where this video takes place. Right at dusk a group of feral pigs came to the feeder. We went back to get the landowner and give him the chance to try out the thermal. He smoked a pig on the first shot and we had our meat we needed. We had already planned to have Jon show his wild pork tamale recipe if we were able to get a hog.

Cooking tamales is a lot of work but the good thing is you can do a large batch and freeze them. Jon is super passionate about cooking wild game and will teach any one who will listen. I highly recommend following him on Instagram @chefjonwhite

Jared Serigne is the producer of the YouTube channel, Outside the Levees. Subscribe to the channel to see more videos about spending time outdoors and cooking wild food.

Jared Serigne

Jared Serigne is the producer of Outside the Levees, a YouTube channel about spending time outside and cooking wild food.

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