Duck Hunting is Changing Fast: 80 Year Old Hunter Looks Back

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When you get the opportunity to hunt with a man like Mr. Errol Dennis you better take it. At 80 years old, Mr. Errol has hunted ducks in coastal Louisiana since 1956 and he was the subject of my latest video for my YouTube channel Outside the Levees

In the video we made a rainy morning duck hunt. On any given day in Louisiana’s marshes, a duck hunt could produce two ducks total or it could produce 20.  This one was somewhere in between. 

That kind of inconsistency is often the talking point in my video. Mr. Errol points out the many changes over the years that he believes have lead us to the declining duck numbers we see today. He also takes the time to recall the glory days when ducks were aplenty on the Louisiana coast. 

It’d be hard to tell the story of duck hunting with Mr. Errol without mentioning coastal land loss as well. As of today Louisiana’s coast has lost nearly 3,000 square miles of wetlands. That’s an area the size of the state of Delaware gone without any clear sign of return. 

I hope you enjoy the video and I will be working hard to put together more. It’s now time for rabbit hunting, the crappie are fixing to spawn, and crawfish will be in season soon. I look forward to showing y’all more! 

Jared Serigne

Jared Serigne is the producer of Outside the Levees, a YouTube channel about spending time outside and cooking wild food.

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