Spawning Bass in a Public Park

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Fishing for spawning bass is something anglers look forward to each Spring. It’s the time of year when an angler has the best chance to catch their personal best bass as female fish are loaded with eggs adding to their overall weight.

In this video I teamed up with my friend and die-hard bass angler, Megan Long. We actually went bank fishing and sight casted to largemouth bass at City Park in New Orleans. City Park is an amazing place for public fishing in New Orleans Louisiana.

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There was no perfect lure for bed fishing on this particular day. It was more of a mix of lures that worked to catch these spawning bass. The key was to walk the bank and locate the fish. We did this using polarized sunglasses. Once we located the bass we pitched a mix of lures until the bass either showed no interest or we got them to bite.

So if you’d like to see how we locate spawning beds, fishing for bedding bass, crash a drone, and act like knuckleheads this episode of Outside the Levees is for you!

Jared Serigne

Jared Serigne is the producer of Outside the Levees, a YouTube channel about spending time outside and cooking wild food.

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