New! Snow Goose Hunting Culinary Camp

Have you ever seen pictures of those giant flocks of snow geese and wanted to hunt them to help reduce numbers? Do you want to enjoy the tasty results of that hunt in the form of fresh wild game going into your freezer? Missouri’s Light Goose Conservation Season removes daily limits, eliminates the need for shotgun plugs, and reduces license prices. You can fill your freezer while helping with conservation efforts across North America. It doesn’t matter if you have hunted for years or are just picking up a shotgun for the first time; we have a spot for you to join us at our Snow Goose Hunting Culinary Camp. At this camp, we will teach you how to shoot, hunt, butcher, package, and cook snow geese in one extended weekend.  

Seats are limited, and we may only host this camp once!

We will partner with Trophy Wildlife Outfitters in Mound City, MO, to hunt near the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge. “In the spring, snow geese will start back for their breeding grounds. However, the spring migration differs from the fall. The geese travel north as the spring thaw permits, along slightly different paths than during fall. More snow geese use the refuge during spring migration, sometimes millions of geese at a time. During the peak of their arrival, the blue wetland is turned into a sea of white.”

Birdnote estimates, “Snow Geese numbers have ballooned, from fewer than a million in the 1960s to perhaps 15 million today.” Hunting light geese in North America is crucial for maintaining ecological balance by controlling their populations, preventing overgrazing of Arctic breeding grounds, and preserving delicate habitats. Regulating their numbers through hunting helps protect vegetation, prevents ecosystem damage, and safeguards other wildlife species that share similar habitats. 

The hunting camp is held at an NW Missouri lodge nestled off the beaten path, reflecting Missouri’s rustic elegance while combining the comforts and conveniences of home. Our highly skilled, professional chefs, Adam Berkelmans and Justin Townsend, will prepare meals.

Our shooting instructor will spend time ensuring you are comfortable shooting on the skeet range to prepare you to facilitate your transition to the hunting blind, where you can hunt snow geese in a free-range setting. If you enjoy grass-fed domestic beef, you will love the taste of wild geese.

After the hunt, our expert butcher, Adam Berkelmans, will walk you through the steps to break down the geese and process the meat for storage in the freezer and later eating. Everyone will get to work with birds, even if you do not harvest any in the field.

After the hunts, our chefs will bring you into the kitchen each night, providing hands-on instruction on preparing different cuts from the waterfowl you harvested. You will learn kitchen skills to return home and showcase for your friends and family. 

At the end of the camp, you will walk away with the skills to hunt, shoot, process, store, and cook your waterfowl. These skills easily translate over into any other game birds you may decide to hunt in the future. Plus, you can take home meat from the geese we shoot during camp.


Three nights, four days 

Day one: Arrival in the early afternoon for check-in, overview brief, and shooting instruction

Day two: Morning hunting, butchering class, hunting class, afternoon hunting, and cooking class

Day three: Morning hunting, butchering, conservation talks, afternoon hunting, cooking class, and evening social

Day four: Breakfast and check-out late morning

Included in the Camp:

  • Three nights lodging/ four days with all meals included
  • A free copy of Duck, Duck, Goose by Hank Shaw
  • Beverages from local breweries
  • Shooting instruction
  • Hunting opportunities with no bag limits on snow geese
  • Butchering and packaging instruction. Vac-sealed meat to take home.
  • Cooking instructions for various cuts of goose meat

License Requirements:

The Hunter Safety Card will be verified after booking. You can take the hunter safety course online here if needed:

Missouri Conservation Order Permit ($47 for non-residents) can be purchased at the lodge at check-in. (Click here for more details)

Travel To Camp: 

The lodge is located in Mound City, MO, about 60 minutes from Kansas City International Airport. Renting a car and driving from the airport to the camp is recommended. Driving directions will be provided after booking. 

What to bring for your hunt:

  • Hunter Safety Card or copy
  • Shotgun (limited shotguns for rent for a fee). Shotguns should not be smaller than 20 gauge. 
  • 4-5 boxes of ammo. Non-lead ammo is required. Some local stores carry ammo, but bringing some would be best. (Check TSA Regulations for traveling with ammo by air)
  • Cold weather clothing and rain gear (Dress for the season)
  • Cooler

What if members of my group are inexperienced hunters?

We love teaching hunters of all ages and skills. So, if it’s your first time hunting, we would be happy to help you create that unforgettable moment of harvesting your first animal.

What is the minimum age for hunters?

There is no minimum age for hunters. We just fall back on verifying a Hunter Safety Card for anyone planning to shoot an animal. 

What if someone does not want to hunt but wants to attend?

All are welcome! We offer half-price tickets for non-hunters. Please contact us at if you are interested in attending as a non-hunter.

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