Wild Hog: Hunt Clean Cook

When I started my YouTube channel, Outside the Levees, last November I knew that I had easy access to film amazing hunting and fishing right here where I live in Coastal Louisiana. But I also knew that in order for my channel to find a broader audience, I’d have to branch out at some point. The two places at the top of my list were Florida and Texas. Both of these states have a great variety of hunting and fishing and the sportsman and women population to match. I was able to hit Florida early on and came home with a cool duck hunting video. For Texas, I needed a solid connection there and that’s where my Instagram buddy Chef Jon White came in.

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Wild Pig Tenderloin Pizza

If anyone knows Emily and Ryan from The Way We Hunt, Emily has an unhealthy obsession with pizza. But sometimes, it’s evil is used for good. And this was very good! It’s super easy and we just love the way a pellet grill makes the flavors pop even more. And it’s versatile! So add whatever other ingredients you want/need. Because, we know you NEED this pizza.

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