Wild Pig Recipes

Wild Recipes

Smoked Pulled Pork Tacos

Ryan and I used to spend a lot of time cutting the meat off the shoulder of the game that we had harvested and would always stick it in the “grind” pile. As you know, shoulder meat is a tough cut of meat and depending on the size of game, there’s not always a lot there. Or there is… and it’s just really hard to get every piece. The shoulder is a precarious bone to work around.
Awhile back Ryan decided to keep a shoulder whole and make this recipe just to see how it would turn out. And holy moly, he hit it out of the park! Every time he makes this recipe, people are just floored how good it is. At Ryan’s recent Marine Corps 1/5 reunion, a couple of his brothers and him went on a hog hunt and came home with a nice sow. Instead of dividing it up between themselves, Ryan decided to cook most of it for supper (because who doesn’t like a good taco?!).
There were definitely a few sceptics due to the fact that this was wild pig and many don’t think it’s edible or dangerous to eat. Eventually everyone dug in and absolutely loved it! It’s always fun to turn sceptics into believers and I’m pretty sure that the pig population in Texas should be worried with the Devil Dogs now on the prowl!

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