Wild Boar Queso Rolls

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Wild Boar Queso Roll

When it gets to this time of year I really start to get the hunting blues. It seems like the August archery season is a lifetime away. Luckily for us we can hunt wild boar whenever we want! We recently took a trip down to Texas with five archers and were able to come home with five boar. This means a freezer full of boar and fun new boar recipes to come! This recipe takes after my Armenian Heritage mix with one of my favorite cuisines; Mexican. It’s a clash of a kebab, Al Pastor and a quesadilla. I call it the wild boar queso roll! If you don’t have long skewers you can do it on smaller wooden ones just make sure you kebab fits your tortilla. Also if you’re using smaller skewers you can always leave the grill grates on just make sure your grates are nice and seasoned!

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