Shaved Venison Bagels

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Shaved Venison Bagels with Horseradish Cream Cheese

These bagels make for a hearty handheld meal and are truly delicious. If you’re into a high stack of meat on your sandwich, allot ½ lb of venison per person. If you’d prefer a normal amount of meat, do ¼ lb instead.
If you’re going to be making a bagel sandwich this special, it is well worth it to find a bakery that sells freshly made bagels. I find the smoky woodfired Montreal-style bagels go particularly well with the venison, but it’s up to you.
A meat slicer would be very helpful with this recipe, but if like me you don’t have one, just strive to slice the meat as thinly as possible. If you happen to have some flaky finishing salt around, knock some over the venison after you’ve shaved it to amplify those meaty flavours even more!

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