Podcast: Episode 318, Campfire Cookery and Wild Kitchens

In this episode, Justin and Kory talk with Kevin Kossowan, a writer, filmmaker, hunter, angler, forager, and wild food chef. They discuss cooking classy meals in the wilderness, campfire cookery, buck neck confit, dos and don’ts in wild kitchens, foraging, cooking out of a backpack, and so much more. #harvestingnature

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Podcast: Episode 317: University Students Battle for Hunting Club Creation

In this episode, Justin and Kory talk with Chris, Krzysztof, and Alex – Founders of Hunting, Archery and Shooting Club which was proposed to be established at the University of Pennsylvania in March 2020. They discuss the year long battle, roadblocks, silence, and lack of interest the University has shown them which led to reaching out for help from civil rights groups and the NRA.

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Podcast: Episode 316, Adventures for Food – Spartan Forays into Goose Hunting

In this episode, join Field Staff Writer Shawn West on his first goose hunt back many years ago. Lead shot was still legal, decoys were uncommon, and calls were not as popular. A foggy still morning created experiences that have inspired a lifelong love for the pursuit of Canada geese.

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