Liver Curry

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Venison Kaleji Masala, or Liver Curry

Since moving to northern Virginia, I have noticed there is a large amount of eastern cuisine around me serving Indian, Afghan and Pakistani dishes. There are a lot of new plates to try and so far, I have yet to find anything I don’t like. One of my favorite dishes is curry; Indian or Thai. Indian curry is usually darker than its Thai equivalent due to the different herbs and cooking time. Although liver is one of the highest sources of nutrients providing iron, copper, vitamin A, B, folic acid, and CoQ10 which helps heart health, it is not always common to find someone who loves liver. There is a common misconception that the liver stores all of the toxins, when in fact it has been scientifically proven the liver has no higher toxin levels than the rest of the body. This recipe is an attempt to educate those on the fence about eating liver; because with the right preparation, anyone can enjoy the taste of venison liver. This is my take on Kaleji Masala which means liver cooked in spices. TIP: If liver is too strong, try soaking in milk for up to an hour before preparation. This will neutralize the flavor; however, it will remove a lot of the nutrients.

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