Khatchapuri Wild Boar

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Khatchapuri with Wild Boar (Georgian Cheese Bread)

Khatchapuri? Cheese boat? Gondola? Whatever name you want to call it, this cheese stuffed crust bread topped with a gooey egg is a Georgian staple. Yes, Georgia! (the country, not the state) Growing up I always thought this was an Armenian dish because of how popular it is through the Armenian community, especially here in LA. It wasn’t until my travels through Armenia that I found out this dish is 100% from Georgia, which is the neighboring country just north of Armenia. Nowadays here in LA there are more and more places popping up that sell Khatchapuri (Kh-atch-a-poori). You can find it in many different flavors and toppings but the one constant is that beautiful runny gooey egg. I made this recipe topped with wild boar sausage because wild game makes everything better! It’s meant to be eaten with your hands and proper technique would be to tear off the edges and dip them into the cheese and egg in the center. I used pre-made pizza dough to make life a little easy but you can do it with homemade dough if you want to go all out. So wether you’re looking for fun at your next pizza night or want and amazing breakfast or lunch, this is recipe to try!

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