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The 3 Books That Convinced Me to Start Hunting

Hunting doesn’t run in my family. In my late 20’s, even though I lived in Michigan at the time, I still didn’t have any friends that hunted. That means there was nobody to convince me to give it a try. No one was there to talk me into or bring me along just to watch. Nobody offered me a meal from an animal they had killed, so I had no real reason to start hunting. Except a little urge inside of me that wouldn’t go away.

I ventured over to the local library. I read and listened to a few books about hunting, eating wild food, the health benefits of wild game, and the adventure that comes along with it all. After just a few short books, I was convinced hunting was for me. After all, my last name means hunter in German. I guess I was born for this. Here are the three books I read that convinced me to give in and give hunting a try, that took me from oblivious to first my kill in about 5 months (small game, but still game).

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