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New Product: Camo Blaze Orange Hat

Everyone needs a hat to cover your head at some point from either the sun, the rain, or the cold. This stylish hat goes a step further and helps a hunter fulfill the blaze orange safety requirements that many states mandate during hunting season. The awesome white on black Harvesting Nature patch tells fellow hunters you are out with a purpose of putting meat in the freezer!

The foam front and mesh back allow you to keep your head well ventilated which helps cut down sweat in a warm or cool environment. Get yours today and Find Your Wilderness.

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More Than the Mountains are Calling – New Shirt Design

“The Mountains are calling and I must go” – John Muir
For many people, they hear the call of the mountains everyday and yearn to seek adventure in the wilderness. For hunters, our call is more vocal when it comes from the elk bull. Long hours afield and many backcountry trips can be taken just to harvest one elk. This shirt celebrates the dedication and pursuit of the modern day Elk Hunter.

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