Canada Goose Pastrami

Wild Recipes

The International: Triple Cheese Canada Goose Pastrami Sandwich

I will be the first to admit that I’m not that sophisticated when it comes to cooking. I have cooked some long-simmering, refined meals that required a degree of culinary technique on occasion, and they were delicious and rewarding, but I’d just as soon slap meat on a grill and let the flame do the work, or even more commonly, turn wild game into burgers and sandwiches. So we’re making grilled cheese. Purists may turn their nose up at the very plebeian concept of a grilled cheese but I’m here to assert that the grilled cheese is in fact the king of sandwiches. Pure comfort food combining crunchy toasted bread and rich melty cheese, there is no better vehicle for taking a sandwich over the top than stuffing all sorts of goodies between toasted bread and cheese, and that’s what this is.

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