Rikki Folger

I grew up in the mountains of Northern California. Hunting was not part of my life,
or for anyone else that I knew, but fresh food was always important. I started my
culinary journey in the Napa Valley and then traveled around the country working
in Michelin Star restaurants.

It wasn’t until moved to Colorado that I started to realize my dream. I wanted to
know exactly where my food came from and how I could provide for my family in
the most sustainable way.

This is where the rabbit hole started.

I became interested in hunting. Having a hand in the entire process of harvesting
an animal, butchering it, storing it and preparing a meal. What an amazing
experience that most people do not get to witness. This lifestyle is not easy, but so

My goal is to show people that you are not limited to what you can find on a
grocery store shelf. There is a whole world filled with nourishment, you just have to
know where to look. And this food is just as, if not more, delicious than store bought options.

Learn more at my website, Wild & Foraged.

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