Quincy Milton III

Although I grew up in an urban environment, I was lucky enough to have a dad who made it his
mission to introduce me to the outdoors. I began fishing around 5 years old, and was always
mesmerized by the mystery of what lies below the water’s surface. From that point, I participated
in all the fishing and crabbing that I could. The rush of whatever was going to surface in a crab
pot or on a fishing hook was always exciting to me. After a few years of successful fishing I
began hunting with my dad. I attribute those experiences greatly to my personality as a fully
immersed outdoorsman.

Today, I am an avid fly fisherman and bird hunter. I still live in the city, but I spend the majority
of my time on the water or in the woods. As I have come into my young adulthood I have
learned to more fully appreciate the culinary side of harvesting fish and game. My dad and I did
quite a bit of cooking together when I was growing up, particularly on our Traeger smoker. Now
that I have graduated college and entered “the real world”, I have begun experimenting with a
variety of wild game recipes. Of course my favorite recipes involve a smoker. I am always
looking for ways to expand my repertoire, and I plan to dive into more mushroom foraging and
saltwater bottom fishing to complete the circle of harvesting wild fish, game, and foraged food.

I approach my outdoor activities from the perspective of a natural resources scientist. I enjoy
harvesting game to stay in touch with my food sources, but I also like to ensure that I am doing
so sustainably. What is more, I like to pass that knowledge and passion onto others so that they
may enjoy the outdoors with the same enthusiasm and respect that I do.

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