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Vancouver Island born and raised; Kendra grew up in a West Coast dreamland. Yearly camping trips with her mom, constant nature exposure, and a drive for adventure was enough of a nature fix until her twenties. Her adolescence was spent playing team sports, so it wasn’t until her university sports career ended that she found an addiction to the outdoors. 

Kendra now resides in the motherland of the beauty Vancouver Island possesses – Tofino, British Columbia. Sustainably harvesting the land and sea is how Kendra is able to support her active lifestyle. “Being able to free dive and harvest my dinner, forage mushrooms and berries, and still make it home by dinner time to cook up a feast is the ultimate dream – and I get the luxury of living it every day,” she said.

She is a free diver, rock climber, forager, hiker, surfer, solo adventurer, world traveler, and epic experience seeker. Most would say she is an adventure gal with her super power being her ability to connect with those she meets, creating beautiful interactions and opportunities. Her love for nature allows for an incredible connection to the world around her. 

She believes most find comfort in routine, amongst the hustle and bustle of living in a city, but for Kendra, her comfort zone is being lost on logging roads and getting a little mud under her fingernails. The discomfort of a nine to five keeps her in coffee shops and creative environments strategizing how to build her own empire. 

Her motto is, “collect experiences, not things”, and living as a minimalist in a camper trailer on the ocean is a beautiful example of the West Coast lifestyle Kendra has always imagined. Her dream is to have a tiny house in a plot of forested land, close to fresh and salt bodies of water. She hopes to continue traveling the world, ticking off her next bucket-list adventure, while always calling Vancouver Island home.

Instagram: @kendrastoner
Photo Credits: @nicole.holmann (Land)
@ryanell_ (Underwater)

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