Katie Wiley

Katie Wiley, otherwise known as The Kitchen Wild on the Oregon coast is a food writer, recipe developer and outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys encouraging her readers on how to respectfully forage and harvest seasonally available food, create nature-inspired recipes and have a great time doing it. The meals she creates for her husband and three children come from constant adventure, teaching her little one’s some of life’s most valuable skills and living their lives together as a family to the absolute fullest.

She believes that when you have a direct connection with your food, you develop a greater understanding of the unique ecosystem it takes to grow it, what sustainable consumption means, and what effect consuming those foods has on your body. All these are of vital importance to the health of ourselves and our planet.

By developing recipes that have been inspired by constant adventures, she hopes to encourage people to have a true connection with what they eat and a deepened appreciation for nature—for getting outside with friends and family, breathing fresh air, feeling rays of sunshine on your skin, and the simple joys of sharing a meal together. Because meals harvested together and shared with the ones who mean the most to us undoubtedly always taste the very best. 

Strengthening the bonds of love, finding tranquility in the outdoors, and being recharged with an urge to do it all over again.

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