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Like most, my passion for the outdoors started early during my childhood years. During those early years my family and I traveled between Texas and Idaho often exposing me to the different topography from the Rockies of the west, to the vast deserts of the south and just about everything in-between. As a child I grew intrigued of what was beyond the vastness of these remote lands and the wildlife it inhabited.

My teenage years were mostly spent on the river banks in pursuit of rainbow trout as well as chasing mule deer and elk through the backcountry of Idaho. I then was curious to learn the origins of harvesting wild game, learning about past fur trappers, tools and tactics used by Native Americans, ideologies, philosophies, theories, and my personal favorite, wild game recipes from modern day culinary treats to tried and true recipes that have been handed down from generations.

Jason Luna Today, I currently reside in North Texas where I originally call home, with my wife Mallory, and the newest addition to our family our son, Wyatt. I currently work as a commercial fisherman and during the fall and winter months love spending my time in the timber chasing waterfowl. I also enjoy captivating wildlife through photography as well as logging our adventures through writing that I hope to one day be able to look back on and share with my son as I’m excited to create new memories and pass down the tradition to him.

My hope is to reach out to our future generations to pass on the tradition and honor of the harvest with the same caring hand that passed it down to us. I hope to help shape our image as outdoorsmen and women not as blood thirsty hunters that are after every animal in the woods, but as harvesters that honor wildlife; that are passionate about fair chase, ethical hunting and fishing, for those Hunters and Anglers that live the tradition of the harvest. I hope to inspire others to be that small piece of this big pie known as conservation to take part in caring for the wildlife we admire, the land we know, and the outdoors we love.

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