D. Carroll

Originally a Florida native, I spent a majority of my youth in Southwest
where I learned to love New Mexican green chile. I grew up loving the
outdoors.  I spent as much of my free time and summers camping and exploring
the wild until I moved away from home to join the military in 2001.
Multiple moves later I discovered my love for wild game and growing my own

It was common for other hunters to bring in part of their harvest and share
it with the shop and listening to their stories spiked my interest.  The
idea of harvesting wild game and providing clean lean meat for my family
became a high priority.  I first started bow hunting pronghorn in Colorado
this grew to include rabbit, deer, elk and waterfowl.  I have since moved to
hunt wild boar in Oklahoma and Florida and currently hunt deer in Missouri.

There are so many uncontrolled variables with store bought meat.  You
generally don’t know what the animal was fed or what additives or hormones
are introduced.  Wild game has some associated stigmas that are avoidable.
The way wild game is prepared will change the taste drastically.  I take
great care in processing my own harvest.  I think it is extremely important
to ensure nothing is wasted.  Most people don’t understand what is involved
with putting meat on the table.  When you harvest, process and prepare your
animal, you have a greater appreciation for the taste and quality plus there
is a greater respect for the animal you take. 

A majority of people have prepared a fish with no issues, but when the
animal has fur their outlook changes.  All people want to eat, but not a lot
of people want to hunt. That’s why I wanted to be a part of this group to
help raise awareness.

Get out and harvest!

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