Summery Noodle Salad with Canada Goose

Goose often gets relegated to autumnal meals, full of heavy sauces and rich flavours, but it can also shine in a light, summery meal like this one. This is also a great way to help clear your freezer of last year’s goose in preparation of this year’s hunting season. Use whatever vegetables you have that are at their peak of ripeness; this time of year it is tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and basil. You can find packages of dried ramen noodles at any Asian grocer or many large grocery chains, but if you can’t seem to find them, just use the packages of instant ramen soup available everywhere. Simply set aside or discard the seasoning packet (try it on popcorn!) and use the noodles for the salad. This meal is best enjoyed eaten outside in the sun!

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Hot Italian Venison Sandwich

restled to find a new solution to an old problem. A problem that has plagued deer
hunters for ages. I had many failures, but those only deepened my resolve to find the
right ingredients to find a solution. This recipe is the result of finally cracking the code
for that allusive perfect use for the Venison roast you find at the bottom of your freezer.
The one from last hunting season, or maybe even two years ago.

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Nashville Hot Pike Sandwiches

This was honestly the best fish sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Using a slightly modified take on the now-classic Nashville Hot Chicken recipe, I subbed in pike fillets (tasty and tender, yet firm), and put it all on a bun. I used sorrel instead of lettuce because I like the way the tartness cuts through the richness of the fried fish and sauce, much like the lemon or vinegar you get with fish and chips, but you can use regular iceberg or romaine lettuce instead. This isn’t a healthy recipe by any means, so make it a treat and go all in for the heavy oily goodness of the hot sauce that the fried pike gets smothered in!

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Dominican Bear Steak and Peppers

A friend gifted me this bear steak which I have been holding onto for a special recipe. Justin and I were chatting about recipes the other day and as we dove deep into the topic of bear meat cooking temps, I recalled this dish I had back when I was college.

I remember the restaurant as a local mom and pop place that served traditional Dominican food. I had a steak dish there that was delicious and memorable almost a decade later. The steak that day was cooked to perfection. It was tender and juicy. Of note, it was cooked all the way through which is not something you associate with tender and juicy.

I chose to recreate that meal with the bear meat because I want to cook it all the way through. So, leaning on a traditional Dominican dish, I give you this bear steak recipe inspired by food of the Caribbean.

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Boar Pastor

When it’s al pastor time and you don’t have a shawarma spit, it’s time to break out the reliable pellet grill. Now if the word al pastor is new to you then I’m sorry you’ve missed out for so long. But we are about to change your life.
al pastor is marinated pork cooked to perfection on a shawarma spit, or vertical rotisserie. In Harvesting Nature fashion this Mexican Lebanese fusion dish got reinvented with some boar meat and some smoke.

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