Smoked Pulled Pork Tacos

Ryan and I used to spend a lot of time cutting the meat off the shoulder of the game that we had harvested and would always stick it in the “grind” pile. As you know, shoulder meat is a tough cut of meat and depending on the size of game, there’s not always a lot there. Or there is… and it’s just really hard to get every piece. The shoulder is a precarious bone to work around.
Awhile back Ryan decided to keep a shoulder whole and make this recipe just to see how it would turn out. And holy moly, he hit it out of the park! Every time he makes this recipe, people are just floored how good it is. At Ryan’s recent Marine Corps 1/5 reunion, a couple of his brothers and him went on a hog hunt and came home with a nice sow. Instead of dividing it up between themselves, Ryan decided to cook most of it for supper (because who doesn’t like a good taco?!).
There were definitely a few sceptics due to the fact that this was wild pig and many don’t think it’s edible or dangerous to eat. Eventually everyone dug in and absolutely loved it! It’s always fun to turn sceptics into believers and I’m pretty sure that the pig population in Texas should be worried with the Devil Dogs now on the prowl!

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White Chocolate Pheasant Chili

Emily had never had white chocolate chili before and several years ago, Ryan made some for her. Recently, we decided to try it again with wild game. The flavor is hearty with a slightly sweet taste from the white chocolate. You cannot necessarily taste chocolate in the flavor, but the slightly sweet taste definitely gives this chili a unique flavor.

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Axis Wellington (Hold the Mushrooms, Bring the Bacon)

Every year for Valentine’s day, Ryan and I try to get out of our comfort zones and try a new recipe for supper that night. It’s kind of became a Valentine’s tradition that one or both of us cook a crazy meal that we would normally not try. This year, we went with Axis Wellington using backstrap from an axis deer. But, we’re not a mushroom eating family. I absolutely hate them, and Ryan mainly lives without them because of me, so I decided to sub mushrooms with bacon because, well, who doesn’t like bacon?! Two days later, below was the delicious result. So if you’re looking for a rewarding challenge in the kitchen, give this recipe a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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Wild Pig Tenderloin Pizza

If anyone knows Emily and Ryan from The Way We Hunt, Emily has an unhealthy obsession with pizza. But sometimes, it’s evil is used for good. And this was very good! It’s super easy and we just love the way a pellet grill makes the flavors pop even more. And it’s versatile! So add whatever other ingredients you want/need. Because, we know you NEED this pizza.

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