“Ganso Deshebrado” (Shredded Goose)

This recipe combines two of the things that I love most, waterfowl hunting and Mexican style cuisine. For many, waterfowl season is upon us and this Ganso Deshebrado or Shredded Goose recipe is the perfect way to serve up a hard earned day in the goose (or duck) blind.

This meal also lends well to the hunt camp and/or active hunter as your can dress your birds from a morning hunt, prepare your recipe and start it in the slow cooker before lunch and by the time you get home from an afternoon hunt or and evening of scouting your dish is already prepared and you can relax and enjoy a nice warm meal.

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Jerk Wild Turkey

For many of us the end of the spring wild turkey season means the beginning of backyard gatherings with family and friends and the smoky aroma of your favourite barbequed meal. This Jamaican Jerk inspired dish is a great option to add to your wild game backyard barbeque repertoire and has the perfect balance of both heat and sweet.

This (wet) marinade consists of a blend or spices/seasoning including garlic, brown sugar, thyme, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, green onions and my favourite hot pepper to both grow and eat, the scotch bonnet. It can be easily modified to adapt to your preferred flavour profile or used for your fresh caught fish/shrimp or other seasonal game.

Personally, I like mine spicy and will add an additional hot pepper (or two) and let it marinate for 24 hours because the longer you marinate, the tastier your dish will be!

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Snow Goose & Kimchi Gun Mandu (Pan Fried Korean Dumplings)

Mandu is a staple dish within Korean cuisine and has origins that date back as early as the 14th century. These dumplings are rich in aroma and flavour as they consist of ingredients such as ginger, soy sauce and shiitake mushrooms. We are substituting the more traditional meat filling of beef and/or pork with the rich and distinct flavours of the Greater Snow Goose and are pairing it with spicy kimchi to create a wonderful balance between the flavour and consistency of the filling.

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Wild Turkey & White Wine Porcini Fricassee

The next best thing to hunting a wild turkey is eating it. Wild turkey is a fantastic bird to both hunt and observe, and they are an absolute thrill to harvest. Anyone that has hunted turkeys long enough is likely to have more than one frustrating hunting experience, but when you are fortunate enough to fill your tag on a fired-up gobbler, all the frustration is worth it in the end. As we wind down after a long cold winter and begin looking forward to Spring, this take on a classic French dish is the perfect meal to bridge the gap between seasons and get us thinking about the turkey woods we love so much.

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