How to Catch More Fish: Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has over 1,000 streams and lakes that are stocked with more than 3.2 million brook, rainbow, and brown trout. There are also over 600 streams designated as Class A Waters that have a natural population of trout and do not get stocked. Pennsylvania is loaded with opportunities to trout fish and I like to take advantage of those opportunities. If I had to pick only one outdoor pursuit to enjoy the rest of my life, stream fishing for trout would be the winner, hands down.
I have fished for trout in many different ways, from dunking a warm, casting a lure, to dry fly fishing. But there are two specific methods I keep coming back to because the consistently produce the most fish.

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Take Your Kids Hunting

Where would I be if my Dad didn’t take me hunting when I was a kid? That’s a tough question to answer. Being from a relatively rural area, I probably would have found my way to hunting eventually. But why leave such a significant experience up to chance? Hunting is a profound part of our history, our culture, and our lives, even for the people that choose not to hunt. We should be doing everything in our power to further that tradition, to improve hunter ranks, and to ensure hunting’s future.

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