Author: Kory Slye

Wild Recipes

Dominican Bear Steak and Peppers

A friend gifted me this bear steak which I have been holding onto for a special recipe. Justin and I were chatting about recipes the other day and as we dove deep into the topic of bear meat cooking temps, I recalled this dish I had back when I was college.

I remember the restaurant as a local mom and pop place that served traditional Dominican food. I had a steak dish there that was delicious and memorable almost a decade later. The steak that day was cooked to perfection. It was tender and juicy. Of note, it was cooked all the way through which is not something you associate with tender and juicy.

I chose to recreate that meal with the bear meat because I want to cook it all the way through. So, leaning on a traditional Dominican dish, I give you this bear steak recipe inspired by food of the Caribbean.

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How to Catch More Fish: Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has over 1,000 streams and lakes that are stocked with more than 3.2 million brook, rainbow, and brown trout. There are also over 600 streams designated as Class A Waters that have a natural population of trout and do not get stocked. Pennsylvania is loaded with opportunities to trout fish and I like to take advantage of those opportunities. If I had to pick only one outdoor pursuit to enjoy the rest of my life, stream fishing for trout would be the winner, hands down.
I have fished for trout in many different ways, from dunking a warm, casting a lure, to dry fly fishing. But there are two specific methods I keep coming back to because the consistently produce the most fish.

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