Feral Pigs Release Same Amount of CO2 as 1 Million Cars

We talk about invasive species at just about every opportunity we get. These animals are classified as invasive because they are usually non-native, and cause damage to native flora and fauna in some manner. Most of these animals can also be excellent food sources that can help fill your belly while protecting the environment and the local wildlife.

We have plenty of recipes that show how to eat invasive species but never really have gone in-depth into their detriment to our environment, so when I ran across a study that was published this week, I had to share it.

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DIY Alligator Hunting in Florida

Last year, in 2020, was my first attempt at hunting alligators here in Florida. I moved here 5 years ago and had wished to draw a tag and hunt this iconic reptile since I first stepped on the Florida sand. I had saw a couple of episodes of Swamp People and had heard stories of folks harvesting alligators in different parts of the US, but I had never had the opportunity to harvest them myself. I will say this, I had no idea what a fun, unique adventure I was in for when I drew the tag and set out to bag a gator.

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