Fried Venison Shepherd’s Pie Boulettes

Shepherd’s pie originated in the mid-1800s. In its original form, it consists of a red meat cooked in a gravy topped off with mashed potatoes and baked to form somewhat of a casserole. My version utilized ground venison stuffed into a mashed potato “ball” and fried to a golden brown. The ingredients are easy enough, the process is the tricky part. Regardless, this ultra-comfort food is not only unique but extremely satisfying.

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Confit Squirrel Egg Rolls

Confit is the process of slow cooking at lower temperature over a period of time in grease or fat. This is contrary to deep frying in a much greater temperature for a short period of time. It was originally meant as a preservation for meats and vegetables. Now, you will see this process intended more as a braising process for immediate consumption. The result of confit can be a smooth rich flavor profile. For this recipe, I used rendered duck fat.

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