Texas Winter Storm: The Aftermath on Wildlife

Winter came at full force mid February in Texas. Winter storm “Uri” set record low subfreezing temperatures through out the Lone Star State shutting down almost the entire state, closing business, parks, and roadways. Many Texans were left days without power resulting in residents loss of food as well as local grocery stores being forced to seize all sales of frozen and dairy goods due to lack of storage temperature. Not only did the winter storm leave many Texans without resources, it also made a devastating impact on local wildlife.

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The Successful Outdoorsman

No matter what type of hunting or fishing you do, it all starts the same, with that alarm clock sounding off early in the morning. Followed with the same two conversations in your head; wondering if you should take up another hobby that lets you sleep in or the other side that’s filled with pure excitement and determination, that 10 times out of 10, wins the conversation.

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Jalapeño Whitetail Stew

After a long, cold day out in the field it’s nice to come home to a warm, feel good meal that takes you back to the “hunting with your grandfather” days. This one is my personal takes on a classic, Jalapeño Whitetail Stew. This dish will have you covered for a few days up to a week! It’s perfect for a cozy at home dinner and also great as left overs warmed up for on the go!

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