The 3 Books That Convinced Me to Start Hunting

Hunting doesn’t run in my family. In my late 20’s, even though I lived in Michigan at the time, I still didn’t have any friends that hunted. That means there was nobody to convince me to give it a try. No one was there to talk me into or bring me along just to watch. Nobody offered me a meal from an animal they had killed, so I had no real reason to start hunting. Except a little urge inside of me that wouldn’t go away.

I ventured over to the local library. I read and listened to a few books about hunting, eating wild food, the health benefits of wild game, and the adventure that comes along with it all. After just a few short books, I was convinced hunting was for me. After all, my last name means hunter in German. I guess I was born for this. Here are the three books I read that convinced me to give in and give hunting a try, that took me from oblivious to first my kill in about 5 months (small game, but still game).

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Always Be Scouting: On Accidentally Finding New Hunting Spots

I wasn’t hunting. Nor was I scouting. But I came away with a few new spots to hunt next season. These are the perks of having other outdoor hobbies that just so happen to take place on the same land you can hunt.

So instead of taking the time out of my week to go “look for sign,” I just went camping, biking, hiking, paddling, and fishing and stumbled upon more sign than I probably would’ve if I were just focused on scouting.

And while it doesn’t paint a complete picture of an area in regards to the animals I hope to find, it definitely gives me a starting point. And the best part is? I’m having a ton of fun doing it.

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The Ups and Downs of a Mentored Turkey Hunt

Up at 4:30 AM, out the door by 5:00 AM, and in the blind before 5:30. Is this what turkey hunting is like? If so, I love it and I hate it all at the same time. We get to sit in these tiny stools, as still as possible, watching this field for the next 6 hours. And unfortunately, we didn’t bring enough coffee. But as soon as the sun came up, we started hearing gobbles in all directions, along with the chorus of songbirds. I start feeling like maybe this was going to happen.

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Fishing With Young Kids Isn’t That Fun. Do It Anyway

Have you ever taken a little kid fishing? As much as I love providing my kids with a new experience, it kind of sucks the fun out of fishing to be honest.

To be fair, fishing isn’t exactly the most exciting activity for younger kids. Heck, it took me 25 years to finally get into fishing, so I get it.

But if you’d like to raise outdoor loving kids, nature enthusiasts, and future anglers, the earlier you start, the better. It’s important to take them out there, even when it doesn’t feel worth it. Even when you only get a few minutes of fishing in, it can still be a successful day fishing with your kiddos.

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How to Start Hunting in Your Thirties Even If You’ve Never Touched a Gun Before

Growing up in the suburbs of Southern California, I was never exposed to hunting. It wasn’t until my 20’s when I moved to Michigan, where everyone and their mom hunts, that I ever considered it might be a fun thing to do. I decided I would absolutely go hunting if I was invited by someone who knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, 6 years went by, and nobody invited me.

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Why You should Bring A Tenkara Rod Everywhere (Especially When Backpacking)

Tenkara is a traditional Japanese fly fishing technique. The rods used are simpler than fly rods we use here in the west. They don’t use a reel. Instead, your line is tied to the rod tip. So your line is “fixed.” As a result, the rods don’t have guides. This is what makes tenkara perfect for travel, backpacking, and bringing everywhere.

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