Goliath Grouper Making a Come Back

During the afternoon of Monday, May 12, 2021 the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will provide a review and discussion of goliath grouper, including biology, updates on ongoing research, and stakeholder opinions. The staff will seek Commission approval on regarding steps for goliath grouper management in state waters, including whether to prepare a draft rule for limited harvest.

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Gobblers and Garbage

Access to public land and public water is the lifeblood allowing many sportsmen and women to engage in their avocations of choice. While public land is vital to providing habitat for countless species of plants and animals, it also provides the space and environment for outdoor enthusiasts to recreate in a natural setting. Whether it be in pursuit of wild game for the dinner table, a short trail ride to clear the mind, or camping trip with family, access to public land is the key to enjoyment.

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Protect the Point Washington State Forest and WMA

If the sanctity of Point Washington as a state forest and wildlife management area can be stripped for the convenience of future development, what is to stop the development of all of Florida’s wild places? This matter is about more than a single road through one forest, the construction of this road will establish and further a precedent that Florida’s wild places are of mere inconvenience.

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Catch a Florida Memory

Creating memories is a fundamental reason many hunters & anglers continue to return to the outdoors each season. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is capitalizing on angler’s desire to capture memories of their catches while combining the desire with conservation and an emphasis on the R3 initiative through the Catch a Florida Memory program.

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What is “R3” and Why is It Important?

Recently, much ado has been made regarding hunting participation rates and the resulting economic impact on conservation efforts. Demographic changes, competing interests, and shifts in American culture have all contributed to a decline in hunting participation. Proponents of hunting are focusing their efforts to strategically increase participation through a national initiative referred to as “R3.” R3 (Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation) describes the process individuals and organizations use to engage with prospective hunters, active hunters and lapsed hunters.

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Braised Squirrel in Catalan Sofregit Reduction

Squirrel is commonly fried, served in gravy with dumplings or used as a filling in pot pie, but this recipe is based in the old world traditions of northeast Spain. Catalan cooking is often done in round terra-cotta casserole dish called a cazuela and many dishes feature a sofregit or sofrito traditionally made of tomatoes, onions, garlic sometimes including bell peppers.

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