Quail Eggroll Poppers

If there is better food to get the kids in the kitchen than finger foods, I’d like you to show it to me. These quail egg roll poppers definitely got my youngest son, James, interested in throwing on the apron and helping dad cook dinner on a dudes only night! Jalapeño, cream cheese, and some quail in a crispy shell with a spicy and sweet boom sauce will have every kid pumped to be cooking wild game.

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Dove and Cream Sauce

This is a simple skillet dish with a cream sauce that tastes like a professional made it. I hate to toot my own horn but I even surprised myself on how good this turned out. I can guarantee the whole family will love it. I swapped the usual chicken with some dove that I got from my first dove hunt recently. The hunt was as fast paste as this restaurant quality meal was to make!

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Boar Pastor

When it’s al pastor time and you don’t have a shawarma spit, it’s time to break out the reliable pellet grill. Now if the word al pastor is new to you then I’m sorry you’ve missed out for so long. But we are about to change your life.
al pastor is marinated pork cooked to perfection on a shawarma spit, or vertical rotisserie. In Harvesting Nature fashion this Mexican Lebanese fusion dish got reinvented with some boar meat and some smoke.

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Carnitas Mofongo

This is one of my favorite dishes, carnitas mofongo. It is a Puerto Rican dish consisting of fried and mashed plantains, garlic salt and chicharrones. It’s a great contrast of sweet and salty.

There are a variety of meats to pair, but I love a good, wild pig carnitas. The pig was harvested in Texas on a recent bow hunt myself and some friends went on, but the idea to make this dish came from a local Puerto Rican restaurant. Topped with avocado, salsa and my wife’s pickled onions it’s a nice change to taco night. Throw in a refreshing mojito and this meal is complete.

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1.makeavailable for use; supply.”theseclubs provide a much appreciated service for this area”
2.makeadequate preparation for (a possible event).”newqualifications must provide for changes in technology”

Providing does not stop atmoney or in reference to us as hunters, hunting. What about themajority of our time being spent at home rather than in the mountainsor backcountry. When we get home let’s consider our options forproviding for our family and friends.

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Corazon de Hugo

Nothing like a “HEART-Y” soup, am I right? This is a different take on Carne de Hugo, a Mexican dish which translates to “ meat in its juices”. Depending on who you talk to it’s a fine line between a soup and a stew, I go a little on the soup side because I love the broth. It’s a protein rich dish served with beans which I substituted the steak for wild pig heart.

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