1.makeavailable for use; supply.”theseclubs provide a much appreciated service for this area”
2.makeadequate preparation for (a possible event).”newqualifications must provide for changes in technology”

Providing does not stop atmoney or in reference to us as hunters, hunting. What about themajority of our time being spent at home rather than in the mountainsor backcountry. When we get home let’s consider our options forproviding for our family and friends.

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Corazon de Hugo

Nothing like a “HEART-Y” soup, am I right? This is a different take on Carne de Hugo, a Mexican dish which translates to “ meat in its juices”. Depending on who you talk to it’s a fine line between a soup and a stew, I go a little on the soup side because I love the broth. It’s a protein rich dish served with beans which I substituted the steak for wild pig heart.

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