Honey Butter Pecan Boarkchops

This is not a long-time family recipe, in fact working with the other writers with Harvesting Nature and our supporting companies, I have learned more and more to experiment with wild game to widen my options when preparing the food, I love to eat. My family and I are huge fans of wild boar and anything pork so I wanted to try to make a better version of a honey glazed pork chop I had a while back. As a hunter which a large number of our readers are, you will have far more frozen meat than you will fresh meat to work with; so this recipe will be using a frozen wild boar pork chop, or as I like to call them “boarkchops.” I would like to mention that this meat was processed by Taxidermy and Deer processing in Sapulpa Oklahoma, and I couldn’t be happier with the cuts and speed at which they process animals.

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Trusty Knife

I think all hunters can agree that a good trusty knife is one of the most important pieces of gear to take into the wild. Many knifes serve many different purposes; which is why I have always preferred my Buck PackLight series which comes with a large skinning knife, caper and a gut hook, or as I like to call it, the “unzipper.” With any large game animal, it is easy to start an incision “unzip” the belly with the gut hook and then use the skinning and caper knife to finish the job.

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Waste Not Want Not

This season I set out on my very first Fallow deer, also known as Piebald deer, hunt in the woods of Oklahoma. Fallow deer are an unusually beautiful invasive species that in a lot of places don’t require tags to hunt. I had seen only one in the wild before and that is what spiked my curiosity.

After setting out to learn more about this unique species, I found out that Fallow deer are of Eurasian decent however, they are on most continents. These magnificent creatures have four color patterns; light brown with white spots, dark brown with spots, solid dark brown and pure white.

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