Offal Dirty Rice

I like when I can figure out how to take a maligned category of game meat and turn it into something presentable that even a picky eater might enjoy. So, when I shot my first buffleheads last season, I was immediately thinking of things to try. Many people turn their noses up at both divers and offal and that is a shame. Those people are wrong and should be shown the error of their ways. A little prep and you can make a side or an appetizer that is likely to appease anybody.

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Fly Fishing Panfish in the South

A thin ribbon of water cuts through a forest. A shadowy figure rests in a hole among the branches of a fallen tree just out of the current. A roll cast, necessary because of the limited space for a back cast, places a #10 woolly bugger gently near the fish. Slowly pulling in line, the fly moves within striking distance. The fish pounces. Grabbing its prey, it turns back to the safety of the submerged log. You set the hook and a short but ferocious fight ensues. He is very small. Too small to keep but the bright greens flowing seamlessly to red are captivating. You let the little bream go, gather up your line, and continue your trek along the clear, tannin-stained creek somewhere in the southern United States.

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We Suck At This

Earlier this month, a reservoir holding byproducts from an old phosphate mining operation just south of me in Florida at Piney Point came in imminent danger of a collapse that would spill an incredible amount of wastewater into Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The situation has thus far kind of stabilized. There is no 20-foot wall of water barreling down to the ocean. The discharges are being monitored and, so far, meet water quality standards. But, sitting here thinking about it and reading reports from various news agencies, I realized something. We suck at this.

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Classic English Side by Sides Part One

I love old guns. I grew up admiring my great-grandfather’s Parker Trojan 16 gauge. My father had hunted with it in his youth but retired it for safety reasons long before I came along. After spending the last three years socking money away to go on our first hunt in Africa, the borders closed and we had some wiggle room in our budgets. Soon, I found myself scouring the Internet for a classic double gun. My father was the one who originally pulled me onto this train, and we were drawn specifically to English guns.

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Alligator Curry

Alligator hunting is an incredibly fun and unique way to spend a night on the water. A successful hunt can yield unbelievable amounts of surprisingly versatile meat. From working late nights in Hawaii to looking for a post-bar hopping meal in Korea, curries of all types have long been a favorite of mine. There are near infinite possibilities for ingredients and regional styles. This dish combines gator and curry into something that can bite long after you are out of the swamp.

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How To Make a Cheap Small Game Clip

Have you ever been preparing for a day of hunting bushytails and realized that you did not have a convenient way to carry your prize? Or have you ever decided to silence that barking sentry in the next tree alerting the entire block to the fact of your intrusion only to realize you’ve obligated yourself to either give up use of one hand or put a warm, bloody furball right next to your lunch?

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