Crunchy Corn Nut Dove with Ranch Dip

Dove season has come and dove recipes seem to be few and far between. On our last Harvesting Nature podcast about Grey Feathered Mini Missiles we talked about dove poppers and how they’re a goto for many but need to be elevated in a way to modernize them. We also talked about how several other recipes but the general consensus is that there aren’t many. One thing I’ve never seen is essentially “chicken fried” dove. Who doesn’t like crunching into a nice fried chicken? I figured I try a way to get the crunchiest fried dove by coating it in one of the crunchiest things around; Corn Nuts! Let me tell you this recipe doesn’t disappoint. So if you’re ready for a crunch and a new way to cook up some dove, this is the one for you!

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Elk Eggplant Kebab

Sometimes finding new fun recipes to use all your grind meat in can be difficult. Most of the time you make burgers, meatloaf or meat balls. This recipe combines the best of meatballs and kebabs all in one and can be prepped ahead of time so you can just pop it in the oven and dinner will be ready in no time. If you don’t want to use the grill to put a char on these kebabs you can also pop them under the broiler first then turn the oven down and finish them off.

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Swiss Chard Wrapped Grouper

Fresh ingredients is the key to any good meal. As hunters, anglers and gardeners we might have the best access to the freshest most natural ingredients. These fresh ingredients when paired together don’t need a ton seasoning. Sometimes it’s best to just let the freshness shine with a little salt and pepper. Our planter box has been growing like crazy and our Swiss chard has been one of the highlights. I wanted to do something fun and different that I haven’t really seen before. So, I decided to wrapped some fish in out badass chard, braise it, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. This dish doesn’t take too long to prep and is bursting with color and flavor, not to mention it’s extremely healthy. Who said healthy food has to be boring?

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Khatchapuri with Wild Boar (Georgian Cheese Bread)

Khatchapuri? Cheese boat? Gondola? Whatever name you want to call it, this cheese stuffed crust bread topped with a gooey egg is a Georgian staple. Yes, Georgia! (the country, not the state) Growing up I always thought this was an Armenian dish because of how popular it is through the Armenian community, especially here in LA. It wasn’t until my travels through Armenia that I found out this dish is 100% from Georgia, which is the neighboring country just north of Armenia. Nowadays here in LA there are more and more places popping up that sell Khatchapuri (Kh-atch-a-poori). You can find it in many different flavors and toppings but the one constant is that beautiful runny gooey egg. I made this recipe topped with wild boar sausage because wild game makes everything better! It’s meant to be eaten with your hands and proper technique would be to tear off the edges and dip them into the cheese and egg in the center. I used pre-made pizza dough to make life a little easy but you can do it with homemade dough if you want to go all out. So wether you’re looking for fun at your next pizza night or want and amazing breakfast or lunch, this is recipe to try!

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Wild Boar Queso Roll

When it gets to this time of year I really start to get the hunting blues. It seems like the August archery season is a lifetime away. Luckily for us we can hunt wild boar whenever we want! We recently took a trip down to Texas with five archers and were able to come home with five boar. This means a freezer full of boar and fun new boar recipes to come! This recipe takes after my Armenian Heritage mix with one of my favorite cuisines; Mexican. It’s a clash of a kebab, Al Pastor and a quesadilla. I call it the wild boar queso roll! If you don’t have long skewers you can do it on smaller wooden ones just make sure you kebab fits your tortilla. Also if you’re using smaller skewers you can always leave the grill grates on just make sure your grates are nice and seasoned!

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Thai Spicy Coconut Halibut

I get inspired every time I eat any Asian cuisine. I’m always searching for a new dish that I’ve never seen before but most of the time I’m blown away by something so simple. The combination of freshness and a few unique flavors bring together a dining experience that’s always a great time. Also, not to mention the fact that I love spicy food.
This dish can be whipped together extremely fast. The sauce can also be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge for up to 5 days. So don’t hesitate to make a double batch and use it thought the week. Also you can always cut back on the spice or even omit the pepper if spicy food isn’t your thing.

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Venison French Onion Soup Canapé

Are you looking for a finger licking good appetizer that will make everyone drool for more, well this is it. A canapé is a French appetizer which is basically a tiny version of an open faced sandwich and French onion soup is one of the most classic French dishes. So, I decided to bring that together with the addition of one of my favorite meats on the planet, Venison. If you don’t have venison, feel free to swap it out for any game-meat, beef or lamb. Just make sure you make enough because this one will disappear quick!

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Beer Braised Venison Neck Roast

“What should we do with the neck? Just cut out whatever meat you can for grind!” Nope! The neck roast is too often overlooked for a meal. I wanted to highlight this badass chunk of meat with an equally badass recipe. You can actually do this recipe with any neck roast; deer, ram, antelope or even a huge elk! So next time you’re tired of carving out grind meat for your next burger, just remember you have a great excuse to be lazy, you’re gonna make Beer Braised Venison Neck Roast.

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