Sheds for Salvation

Every outdoorsman has the same proverbial itch that is only satisfied by the cool morning air in our lungs, the feel of an antler in our hands and the sound if the pines catching the subtle breeze on a remote mountain side. It seems to be the most prevalent in the Spring, when our minds are fixated on tag applications, drawing odds and the potential that lies ahead in the Fall. It’s also the midpoint between last year’s outings and the next year’s adventures and pursuit of our dream hunts. Maybe this will be the year we draw that coveted tag. Last month, I decided to take a solo combination trip to New Mexico’s Lincoln National Forest in pursuit of a Merriam’s turkey, as well as a foray into shed hunting for elk antlers. My first exposure to both.

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Lone Star Jerky

Jerky has a long history and remains a popular on-the-go, healthy, nutritious snack that has stood the test of time. I find it fitting to use the National Beer of Texas, Lone Star, in a recipe for a staple of the many early pioneers and cowboys that cut a living on this very land and relied on jerky in times when fresh meat was unavailable. If you don’t have access to Lone Star, Pabst Blue Ribbon works great too.

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