Amanda Altman

Amanda Altman hails from the great state of Iowa. Amanda has always loved to cook. She uses home-cooked meals to express gratitude to loved ones and enjoys friends and family gathered together and partaking in good food and drink. Her love of hunting and gathering originated from her love of being self-sustaining and eating healthy, organic ingredients. This was amplified when a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, and she wanted to own as much of what she prepared as possible, ridding unnecessary carcinogens and learning healing properties in food as best she could with a strong belief that food is medicine. She fell in love with the “harvest to table” lifestyle and found hunting and being outdoors therapeutic through the cancer battle and all the struggles and challenges that entails.

Amanda currently serves active duty in the military overseas, which challenges her ability to hunt as much as she’d like, but she adapts her hobbies based on where she is stationed. When stationed overseas, she maintains a food blog (@manda_panda_eats), it’s just not as wild as otherwise. Growing up seeing wild game primarily fried, ground, or jerkied, she started a food blog to show creative and new ideas to prepare wild game. Her mother is Thai, so many of her recipes honor that heritage and fuse wild game with Asian flavors and techniques. She has been in the military since 2002 and has been cooking since long before that. Her other hobbies include camping, shooting (mostly 3-gun), hiking, climbing, archery, reading, and traveling. She recently married a wonderful partner and they have a sweet Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, Sir Winston Churchill.

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