Alanna Kieffer

Alanna has spent the last decade committed to coastal education and exploration, working in intertidal systems, immersed in the elements and environment.  She’s worked in conjunction with the tides and crazy conditions of the oceans for much of my life and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

She started this work in high school when she was working for the Haystack Rock Awareness Program in Cannon Beach. She helped educate visitors about the abundance of wildlife at the base of Haystack Rock with hopes to protect this popular marine garden. This sparked her LOVE of teaching people and showing them the wacky, weird things on our coast. Four years at Oregon State University continued her hands-on experience, as a field technician, lab assistant, and student in various field studies classes. 

Following her degree, she spent two years on Catalina Island educating students of all ages and backgrounds about the ocean environment, its importance to humans, and our role in protecting it. She’s led groups of high school students on environmental service-learning trips around the world to Fiji, Australia, Costa Rica, & Panama.

She’s now back on the Oregon Coast, farming Pacific Dulse seaweed with Oregon Seaweed and leading coastal foraging and marine science workshops through her company Shifting Tides.

Find her on Instagram at @shifting_tides_nw

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