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I was raised in a rural town in Southeastern Oklahoma where hunting and fishing are something that you become involved in at a very young age. It was commonplace for my family to supplement our meals with wild fish or wild game. For many, their passion for the outdoors was also a necessity to survive. My passion for the outdoors has grown as I have become an adult, even though I do not depend on it for survival. That choice resonates as a better choice for a way of life.

I moved away from home and put my outdoor life on hold while I was attending an urban university. I did pick up some other valuable skills. I learned my way through the kitchens in New Orleans and educated myself on how to properly cook and serve many varieties of food. I took my passion for the outdoors and paired it with my love for food when I departed New Orleans after college bound for the West coast. This combination led to the foundation of Harvesting Nature in 2011. I then joined the United Stated Coast Guard in the winter of 2015 which has allowed me to continue to travel and live in amazing locations across the United States, with Denver, CO being my current residence.

I believe that in modern times there is a serious disconnect for many people between their food and the plate. There are now generations that grow up thinking that you can only get your food from a grocery store. Just a few decades ago people were not following this train of thought. They were still heading out into the wilderness to hunt and fish for their food.

Going out and sourcing your food from nature has many more benefits than grabbing an item off of the shelf at the store. You can instantly connect the dots to the route your food travels to get to your plate. The animals I hunt and the fish I catch go straight from the wild, where they are humanely harvested, to the stove/grill, and then to the table to feed my family. This notion has become ever so important when I became a husband and then a father several years ago. I want to know that the food we eat is not harming my family and the only true way to verify this is to find the food myself.

This website was established to educate and entertain those who have a passion for the outdoors and for those who wish to become more involved in the outdoors. We wish to inspire people to get off the couch, get into the beautiful natural world around them, seek adventure, and take their life into their own hands by sourcing their own food from the wilderness.

Find Your Wilderness!

You can connect with Justin via email: jtownsend@harvestingnature.com

Justin hosts the Wild Fish and Game Podcast

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