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My passion for the outdoors began at a young age when I admired the independence of my elders who were able to hunt, fish and garden to provide for themselves and their families, while at the same time enjoying life and gaining a sense of fulfillment.  They were raised in a time when a person couldn’t rely on someone else for survival. Survival depended mainly on their knowledge as passed down from past generations and their ability to live off the land.

I also possess a scientific curiosity about animals and their natural behavior which I satisfy best by carefully observing nature in its natural setting.  I am an ethical outdoorsman who harvests no more than he can use without wasting the animal, and will not attempt to take an animal without being certain of a quick, clean kill. Unfortunately, some individuals have given genuine outdoorsman a bad name by illegal and disgusting behavior against game animals.  The authors of this blog take pride in following all State rules and regulations while enjoying the best that nature has to offer.

For anyone on the blog who is opposed to hunting, I have a proposition for you; spend one day with me hunting and one day at a slaughterhouse, and you’ll soon be an avid supporter of outdoorsmen.

Lake_PowayAside from scratching the primal itch of hunting and gathering, being in the outdoors has a way of soothing a person’s mind and helping one sort through the issues.

Good luck in your adventures!

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