Podcast Episode 191: Exploring the Intersection of Wild Food and Wine with Jason Passalacqua

In this episode, Justin and Adam are joined by Jason Passalacqua. They discuss the intersection of wild food and wine and how to make wine more approachable for the wild food community. They also talk about traditional pairings between game and wine and how Passalacqua wines are specifically designed to pair well with wild game. The conversation highlights the importance of education and experimentation in finding the perfect wine and food pairings. In this conversation, Jason Passalacqua, owner of Passalacqua Winery, discusses the connection between wine and wild game. They explore the idea of demystifying wine and making it more accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience. They also discuss the importance of education and empowerment when it comes to wine and wild game and how these two worlds can intersect to create a unique and enjoyable dining experience. The conversation highlights the diversity of flavors and the endless possibilities for pairing wine with different types of wild game. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the joy and exploration that comes with combining wine and wild game

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is a hunter, angler, forager, outdoorsman, cook, and vintner. His passion for wine and love of the outdoors began with fishing and hunting among the vines on his family’s property in Dry Creek Valley near Healdsburg, California. After a career in engineering, he wanted to get back to his roots. As a fourth-generation vintner, he was inspired by his family’s history of growing grapes since the 19th century and began making wine. He opened Passalacqua Winery in 2004 with a vision to create quality wines that pair with the outdoors.

Passalacqua Winery Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/passalacquawinery

Passalacqua Winery website: https://passalacquawinery.com/


Wine and wild food are part of a lifestyle and offer a unique sensory experience

There are no strict rules when it comes to pairing wine and wild game; it’s all about personal preference

Passalacqua wines are designed to pair well with wild game, offering a balance of flavors that enhance the purity of the food

Education and experimentation are key to finding the perfect wine and food pairings Demystifying wine and making it accessible to everyone is important

Education and empowerment are key when it comes to wine and wild game

There is a wide range of flavors and possibilities for pairing wine with wild game

Combining wine and wild game can create a unique and enjoyable dining experience

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