Justin Talks Wild Game Cooking on the Oklahoma Outdoor Podcast

Justin Townsend, founder of Harvesting Nature and host of the Wild Fish and Game Podcast, recently joined John Hudspeth on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast for an exciting and informative episode dedicated to wild game cooking.



In this episode, Justin shares his expertise in transforming wild game into gourmet dishes beyond traditional grilling and frying methods. He discusses various Oklahoma’s wild game, including whitetail deer, wild hogs, and waterfowl like ducks and Canadian geese. He offers innovative cooking techniques and recipes that bring out the best flavors in these meats.

Key Highlights:

Creative Cooking Techniques: Learn how to marinate, season, slow cook, and smoke wild game to perfection.

Practical Tips: Justin provides easy-to-follow tips for hunters to make the most of their harvest and ensure every meal is a culinary delight.

Engaging Stories: The episode contains personal anecdotes and experiences highlighting the joys of cooking wild game.

This episode is a treasure trove of information for both seasoned hunters and those new to wild game cooking. Justin’s passion for hunting and cooking shines through, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor culinary skills.

Take advantage of this valuable resource. Tune in to the episode on Spotify and discover how to take your wild game meals to the next level.

Check out the Wild Fish and Game Podcast for more tips, recipes, and inspiration. Let’s make the most out of every hunt and enjoy the full culinary potential of wild game!

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