Podcast Episode 186: Exploring Organ Meats with Dr. Jonathan Reisman


In this episode, Justin and Adam chat with Dr. Jonathan Reisman about hunting, cooking, and eating offal and organ meats. They discuss the incorporation of organ meat into diets and highlight the nutritional value of organs and the unique nutrients they provide. Dr. Reisman shares his journey into butchering and cooking organs, his passion for hunting, and how hunting has allowed him to explore various organ meats. They also address the myth that organs are dangerous to eat and advocate for the reintroduction of lung consumption, which is currently illegal in the US. The conversation emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with the source of our food and exploring traditional food consumption. They talk about different organs’ unique textures and flavors, such as lungs, kidneys, and sweetbreads. They also touch on the importance of proper handling and care of organs to ensure optimal taste and safety. They discuss the need for better anatomical diagrams, education around organ meats, and the growing interest in nose-to-tail eating. Dr. Reisman also mentions his Anatomy Eats dinners, where he combines his knowledge of anatomy with culinary experiences.

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Jonathan Reisman, M.D., is a physician, author, and adventurer. His interests include anatomy, food, travel, nature, wilderness, and prehistoric crafts. He has practiced medicine in some of the world’s most remote places, including Antarctica, Arctic Alaska, the Russian Arctic, the Himalayas of Nepal, rural Appalachia, the urban slums of Kolkata, India, and on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He is the co-creator of the anatomy-based dinner series Anatomy Eats, which explores human anatomy through cuisines worldwide using offal, internal organs, and other unusual body parts.

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Organ meat, such as liver and heart, is packed with nutrients and can be a healthy addition to one’s diet.

Social media platforms like Instagram are great resources for finding creative and innovative ways to incorporate organ meat into meals.

There is a misconception that organ meat is dangerous to eat, but as long as it is not toxic, it can be consumed safely.

The sale and consumption of lungs are currently illegal in the US, but efforts are being made to overturn this rule.

Reconnecting with the source of our food and exploring traditional food consumption can lead to a greater appreciation for organ meat. Organ meats have unique textures and flavors that can be enjoyed properly.

Proper handling and care of organs is essential for taste and safety.

Hunting provides access to a wide variety of organ meats.

There is a need for better anatomical diagrams and education about organ meats.

Nose-to-tail eating is gaining popularity as people explore different parts of the animal.

Anatomy Eats dinners combine anatomy education with culinary experiences.

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