Podcast Episode 185: The Turkey Book with Jesse Griffiths

In this episode, Justin and Adam are joined by Jesse Griffiths, a world-class chef, hunter, and author of the new book, The Turkey Book. They discuss turkey hunting, cooking, and the inspiration behind the book. Jesse shares his experiences hunting turkeys in different regions of the United States and the unique culinary perspectives he gained from each location. The conversation explores the importance of cooking using the entire turkey rather than just the breast. They talk about the different aspects of the book, including the storytelling, cultural details, and techniques for butchering and cooking turkey. Jesse shares his favorite chapter on breaking down the turkey breast and the various recipes and techniques included in the book. They also discuss the flavors of turkeys from different regions and the process of confit cooking.

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Jesse Griffiths is a world-class chef , hunter, and owner of Dai Due, a butcher shop and supper club in Austin, Texas, where everything on the menu is sourced locally.  He is also the head instructor of the New School of Traditional Cookery.  In 2012 he released Afield: a chef’s guide to preparing and cooking wild game and fish, which was nominated for a James Beard award. In 2021, he released The Hog Book, which won a James Beard award in 2022. We chatted with him about this book back in 2021. 

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Wild Fish and Game Podcast Episode 83: The Hog Book w/ Jesse Griffiths


The Turkey Book is a new book by Jesse Griffiths that explores turkey hunting and cooking.

Jesse traveled to different regions of the United States to hunt turkeys and learn about the unique culinary perspectives in each location.

His love for wild turkey meat has inspired him to become a better hunter and appreciate the importance of patience and skill.

The book offers a beginner’s journey into turkey hunting and provides recipes and insights from experienced hunters and chefs.

Jesse’s experiences with wild turkeys have shaped his culinary outlook and deepened his appreciation for different cuts of meat. To respect and appreciate the whole animal, it is important to utilize the entire turkey when cooking.

Culinary conservation involves responsibly using the resources harvested through hunting.

Plucking and cleaning a bird can be a satisfying and enjoyable process.

Keeping the skin on provides culinary options and enhances flavor.

Personal experiences and aspirations in turkey hunting vary.

Jesse’s book on turkey hunting and cooking includes storytelling and cultural details.

Flavors of turkeys from different regions are not easily discernible.

Confit cooking is a great method for tenderizing and preserving turkey.

Turkey hunting is about the journey and experience, as well as conservation.

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