Podcast Episode 184: Exploring Wild Indigenous Cuisine with Sean Sherman, the Sioux Chef

In this episode, Justin and Adam are joined by Sean Sherman, an award-winning indigenous chef, educator, author, and activist. They discuss the importance of wild food for Native American and indigenous cultures, the significance of indigenous food systems, and the need for food sovereignty. In this conversation, Sean emphasizes the need to shift our mindset from a consumer-based food system to one focused on sustainability, seasonality, and cultural diversity. He shares his vision for the future of indigenous cuisine, which includes creating support centers, developing regional menus, and expanding the movement globally. 

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Sean Sherman is an award-winning chef, educator, author, and activist. A member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe, his personal mission is to revitalize Indigenous food systems and build awareness of the transformational potential of Indigenous foodways to restore Native people’s health, local economies, culture, and food sovereignty.

Sean’s Instagram: @the_sioux_chef

Sean’s website: https://seansherman.com/

NATIF Instagram: @natifs_org

Owamni Instagram: @owamni


Wild food plays a massive role in indigenous food systems and diets, providing sustenance and cultural and spiritual significance.

Indigenous food systems are diverse and based on a deep knowledge of the local environment, including the use of wild plants and animals.

Revitalizing indigenous food systems and promoting food sovereignty is necessary to ensure access to healthy and culturally appropriate food.

The Western diet has overlooked the vast majority of North American botanicals, and there is a need to shift towards local and sustainable food systems.

Individuals can start by exploring and utilizing the wild and native plants in their backyard, promoting a deeper connection with the natural world and local food sources. Embrace indigenous foodways and reconnect with the land

Shift from a consumer-based food system to one focused on sustainability, seasonality, and cultural diversity

Non-native chefs and restaurants can support indigenous food traditions by purchasing products from native producers and featuring indigenous ingredients on their menus

Create support centers to train and develop culinary professionals in indigenous food systems

Develop regional menus that celebrate the unique foods and flavors of different indigenous communities

Expand the indigenous food movement globally and promote the preservation of indigenous knowledge and food traditions

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